Hey guys, Lauren here! 

I've put together a few tips that focus on travel to sub-Saharan Africa, specifically from my experience in Uganda, DRC, and Burundi. 

Every country is different and travel needs are often specific to climate and culture.  After traveling with ForgottenSong to Uganda 3 times, Burundi twice and once to the DRC, here are a few tidbits of advice. 

1. Pack breathable clothes

When traveling to mostly tropical regions of the world, linen is my go-to travel material. It’s breathable, can dress up well, and is comfortable! Who knew, my first tip would be to wear linen ;)

2. Bring mosquito wipes

Mosquito wipes are my new favorite travel companion in places where mosquitos / mosquito nets are prevalent.  I don’t like having to spray deet all over myself and feel gross, especially when going to bed.  I can just set mosquito wipes by my pillow (or if they’re really bad, all around the bed), and those buzzing biters stay far away all night!  No waking up to annoying buzzing in the middle of the night, and no bites (with or without a net!).

3. Pack lightly

The last thing you want to do is lug around a huge suitcase – because you never know when you’ll get smashed into a small car with 15 desktop computers, or walk across a country’s border with your luggage in hands. 

4. Take it all in

While traveling – no matter where you go – enjoy your surroundings, study the people around you, take in the change of scenery and weather, and appreciate the goodness in it all. Not only will it create an overall enjoyable experience for you, but you can change the mood and experience of your teammates as well.

5. Respect the Culture You’re In


Everywhere you go, you’ll find people with different styles of communication, means of showing respect; different table manners, ways to receive gifts, and more. The more I travel, the more I find that people are open to discussing these differences to share in a learning experience together.But while in someone else’s culture, I do my best to follow their norms, their customs, and their lead in new circumstances so that I can respect my hosts and show them gratitude in a way that is meaningful to them!