Hello friends and listeners!

We are excited to share the progress of our "Off The Mountain" project in the D.R. Congo.

Eight months have flown by since we visited in March. While this is only the first stage of our empowerment endeavor with Congolese partners AJDC, we have seen great steps forward in providing means of self-sustainability and community reintegration for former child soldiers. 

AJDC has purchased 88 goats and given them to 44 former child soldiers and vulnerable youth who now seek a better future in rural East D.R. Congo. 

Please read this note from our Congolese partners: "Thanks to the motorcycle funded by ForgottenSong donors, the Veterinary Technician makes easily family visits on daily basis to assess the health of the livestock, and find solutions in terms of treatment together with children and parents."

The goat project is being implemented in a holistic fashion, involving the community in weekly meetings, and AJDC staff encourage the whole family to participate in each goat grant. Thierry writes us, "Goats are raised in the families of the beneficiaries, and it is they who are responsible for the daily management of goats that is to say the cleanliness of the livestock, feeding the goats, grazing in the bush, etc. This activity is done after school hours, with close monitoring of their parents or step-parents."

Thank you to all those who have supported and continue to support this project. Real progress is being made and we can't do it without support from people like you! Consider joining the "Listener Project" as we look to expand our goat investments into more villages working to end the recruitment of children into warfare.