Hello all, my name is Lauren and I’m going to tell you a little bit about why I am on the board for ForgottenSong.


I’ve been a part of ForgottenSong since January of 2013, just after I traveled with FS to Uganda and was ignited with a passion fueled by my intellectual interests and personal convictions.  

I graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2012 with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and French. It was my passion for languages, other cultures, and igniting social change that led me to work with ForgottenSong.

During my first trip to Uganda, our travel team sat in a circle for a visioning meeting with a potential poultry farm partner, and I remember a lightbulb sparking in my mind as he discussed his vision for self-sustainability and holistic development for the thousands of children he cared for at his school.  It was during that meeting that I knew I wanted to work for ForgottenSong and invest my life in empowering others.


Since then I’ve been able to travel to Burundi, Rwanda and the Congo, and incorporate my French language training and knowledge in cultural anthropology into ForgottenSong's work in project planning, development, and international relations.  It has been so fulfilling emotionally, relationally and intellectually.

Recently, after working in the DRC with former child soldiers, I have been reminded how crucial interpersonal relationships are to the success and sustainability of this organization.  Not only do international trips keep the passion alive in us to continue our work, but the personal relationships we develop with people like you - our supporters and investors - are what sustain us and what sustain the work that we do.

As we get more personal in our blog posts, we hope to let you into the functions of our organization so that you can see how much your investment keeps this going.  Thanks to our many supporters who have kept me along for the ride this past 3 and a half years, and for investing in our work overseas so that lives are actually changed for the better.

Cheers, Lauren Blanco.