Meet Rémy, our Liaison for African Projects.  We like to consider him a "fixer" and an all-around wise man.  He makes things happen and does so efficiently, diplomatically, and with great wisdom.  


"He's also the guy I remind my parents to trust when I travel to Africa," says Lauren Blanco, ForgottenSong Associate Director.  "He takes care of us, everything from reserving affordable hotels you can't find online in rural DRCongo to formatting agreement documents between partners. He's the realest deal there ever was."

Remy is a full-time staff member of FVS-AMADE, a community based organization in Bujumbura, Burundi that ForgottenSong partnered with in 2014.  He has participated and led many development initiatives in advocating for the rights of children as well as in the Fight Against HIV-AIDS in Burundi, and has played multiple roles in FVS-AMADE. 

(okay, okay, to name a few he's been: Fight Against HIV-AIDS Officer, Assistant Director of FVS-AMADE, Human Resource Manager, Provincial Coordinator, Health Technical Advisor, etc.)

Rémy first connected with ForgottenSong after meeting Lauren in Burundi in early 2014 on her fact-finding trip.

Rémy has been a link between ForgottenSong and FVS-AMADE since our partnership two years ago, and his role with ForgottenSong has continually grown. 

In December 2014, Remy visited Fayetteville for the “Life Through a Lens” Gala hosted by ForgottenSong.  (See photo)

Later, as we pursued work in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Rémy met Charles upon arriving in the Congo and led the way to ensure cross cultural communication was efficient and accurate. He also joined the FS team in the recent visit to the D.R. Congo in March of 2016.

Many thanks to Rémy, our trip to the Congo in March was a success.

Fluent in both French and English, Rémy is the best person to make a link between ForgottenSong and its French speaking partners which are FVS-AMADE and AJDC.  ForgottenSong is happy and grateful to have him ensuring this connection. Rémy is happy to work full-time in FVS-AMADE and feels committed to providing guidance to FS by providing connections cross-cultural communication.