There is so much that we have learned the past 10 years with ForgottenSong's work around the world.  I (Charles) am also almost finished with a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution.  As a result, we want to be more engaging with not only insight into our work, but in educating and equipping you our followers with different ways to understand and get inspired by peacebuilding in conflicted countries, and even here at home.  

To get started, here's the first video update to tell you more.


ForgottenSong Video Update

What Are Some Ways We're Engaging?

We want to share some of the sources of inspiration, empowerment, and insight that we've been impacted by with you.  Therefore, we'll not only be sharing more content of our own of past and current projects, but also sharing things like interviews with other peacebuilders, inspiring stories, insightful books and articles, and, of course, taking you along for the journey when we travel.

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