As academics, practitioners, and NGO personnel focusing on issues of youth, conflict, and peace within the United States and internationally, the organizers of this conference realized that the respective literatures and programming are, in essence, presented as context specific. In discussions, it also became clear that, while the individual is implicit, the individual as explicit remains a construct from an imagined whole. The idea of presenting the individual youth as experts in whatever context he or she inhabits grew and the organizers concluded with the convening of this forum that brings together youth as experts, academics, practitioners, and NGO personnel to address gaps in knowledge and cultural understandings, and to share ideas, possibilities, and experiences. The goals of this conference focus on breaking down conceptual barriers and more fully acknowledging and appreciating the linkages across sectors and contexts.



*August 18th and 19th, 2017.

Can I register now?  

 *No, this is a soft launch but you can sign up with your email address and we will notify you when early registration     opens.

Will there be a price reduction for early registration?



*In the Johnson Center, FAIRFAX, VA campus of George Mason University.

Will there be a call for papers?

*Yes. Soon to be announced via email and the website.

What about lodging?

*Lodging arrangements should be made on your own, but we're seeking group rates at local hotels.


*Light breakfasts will be served both days and a sit-down dinner will be served for those who sign up.

What kind of presentations can I make as an academic?

*Traditional panels (comprised of 4 paper presenters each) as well as posters will be included in the event.

What kind of presentation can I make as a practitioner?

*We'll have space set up for booths for NGOs and others to communicate their causes.

Can I solicit funds as a non-profit organization?

*This shouldn't be considered a fund raising opportunity for your organization, but it is a great networking and learning experience.

Will there be networking opportunities?